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In this section we show step by step some expedition to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

The Amazonian Indians from the Yavarí valley are located beetween the Brazilian and Peruvian Border. southwestern Manaus, about 1380 Km distance from Manaus, sailing 02 days by the yavarí River.
We can find also some tribus like, Corubos, marubos, those tribus are more remotes but is not possible visit their aldeas or central comunities because they are extremmely in preservation and is high risk any contac with them.
Also the access for sailing around their comunities is prohibed.

The indigenos of the Yavarí Valley still are living in a remote way of live, they are fishers, hunters, and collector. That´s their work for feeding their families. They are also good agricultor and care their wild animals for more reproduction in very remote way.
The Maties Indians are more friendly and is glad to them, we can make a expedition around the Yavarí Valley.

Even closer to civilization, the Mawe (=Maues) lives in their own reserve (near Maues, 267km from Manaus) normally not accessible for the white man. The indians mainly live from the plantation of the Jungle and the Guarana Fruit, from which they make their traditional Sapko (a high energic) drink.

Due to good contacts with the local authorities and to the indigenous we organize on exceptional basis expeditions to the land of the Guarana and indians. As Maues is closer to Manaus, these expeditions are also accessible for the backpackers.

As places for visiting the reserve are very limited - we do not want to spoil the remote way of living of the tribe - advance reservation for this special tour is recommended. To obtain permission from local and indian authorities, we will need a copy of your passport and a small introduction about yourself and your expectations regarding this expedition.

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