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Amazon Tour

Amazon Tour in Brazil, Long Trekking in the forest, Canoeing, Meeting of the Waters,  Water Lilies Lake,  Piranhas fishing,  Paddle Canoe, Jungle Camping and much More.
Amazon Riders Tours in the Amazonas Brazil. Since 1996 making Dreams Reality and leading Amazon Tours less Industrialized with our  Certified Bilingual Jungle Man Guides  (Indigenous and Ex Militar Guides)  Fluent English

 Certified by the Brazilian  Ministery of Tourism


  (Full Adventure )

    ARACA TOUR      

Amazon River, Ipanemas lake, Juma Lake, 3 to 5 days,
The Only Amazon Tour Company  in Manaus Supporting  sustainable  Tourism, local communities and indigenous Tribes with activities like: Amazon Tours in Brazil.
come to Manaus and start your Amazon Tour.
#Things To Do in Manaus !
- City Tour teatro Amazonas Opera
- Presidente Figueiredo Water falls
- Day Tour, Meeting of the Waters.
- Amazon Pink Dolphins.
- Musa ( museum of Amazonia )
- Ponta Negra Beach.

       Olimpic Games Rio 2016
Rio 2016
Olimpic Games in Manaus.
new complete package  2016
 5 to 10 days. Rio Negro River, Juma River and Amazon River.

boat trip 1
Consult us! Itineraries, Departures and Prices.
Hotel Dez de Julho.
Located 2 minutes from the Operas House. Amazonas Teatre
hotel in Manaus
Place To Stay in Manaus.

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