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ARACA TOUR ( The Real Amazon )  the unforgetable jungle experience
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This is the most requested Amazon Tour adventure.  With Our specialists Bilingual Guides of Amazon Riders. Exploring the Juma Lake areas. 140 km south of Manaus. We explore the secrets of the Amazon, virgin rainforest & flooded jungle areas rich in wildlife. ARAÇÁ TOUR Package is ideal for visitors with limited time (3 to 5 days) the excellent high quality Amazon tour. (the real Amazing Tour) Exclusive New Jungle Lodge for you .
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Details of the 4 days 3 nights  ARAÇÁ JUNGLE TOUR.

This is the Itinerary.

1st Day

The tour begins at 07:30 hrs in the morning. We will sail downstream the Rio Negro river
passing the meeting of the waters (Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes),
arriving in a small fishermens village Careros da Varzea.
Navigating to the Paraná do Mamory river until Juma Lake (tributary of the Amazon river).
There you will be accommodated in our Jungle lodge ( Amazon Ipanema Lodge ).
After lunch we go Piranha fishing in a motor canoe.
Explore lakes, islands and flooded lands. Swim in the wild freshwater rivers,
watch Pink and Gray dolphins and witness the sunset in the Tucumán Lake.
Now is time to return to the lodge.
After dinner we will explore the Caiman´s lake (Alligator Spotting).
You may have the opportunity to witness a Caiman being cought with our bare hands.
Final return to the Lodge for some Caipirinha time, accompanied by stories from the jungle told by our guides.

2nd Day

Starting the day at 5 am with sunrise canoeing and bird watching.
After breakfast we go fishing for Piranhas which you'll have for lunch later.
If you are really unlucky, there is always a yummy chicken waiting for you instead.
In the afternoon follows the Jungle Walk Exploration.
We will be accessing the pool of primary jungle
where we are going to camp using hammocks and mosquito nets.
Here you will learn some survival techniques. You will learn how to make a fire in a wet forest,
as well as to climb the trees and search for strong and very resistant lianas to build our camp with.
You will learn how to make traps for hunting, fishing with spears or bow and arrow.

3rd Day

After breakfast in the jungle we go canoeing, observing animals on the flooded lands.
Then we return back to the lodge for lunch.
After lunch we make our way to the Mamory river
where we will spend the night in native houses with the native people living there.
You will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets.
But before that, you will have a chance to learn how to catch a fish with a bow and an arrow
and with a spear on an exciting night canoeing adventure.

4th Day

After breakfast you will be able to learn the customs of the native people
and spend some time inside the village. You will visit remote plantations,
learn about their medicinal garden,
see the Mandioca and Casava production or a rubber extraction.

After that we enter the heart of the jungle again to look for one of the biggest trees
in the Amazon forest and climb an Acai palm tree before returning back to the lodge for lunch.

And now is the time to return back to the reality and make our way to Manaus,
following the same steps, only backwards. Arriving to Manaus around 5 pm.

Contact to Us and make your  reservation to attend a real Excursion by Amazonian forest.

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Included in the Price
Transfers: in. out. (one complimentary night Manaus downtown AMAZON RIDERS HOTEL BASE)
Specialized Bilingue guides of the AMAZON.
All meals during the trip.
Mineral water.
All equipments for the jungle(hammocks, Mosquitos nets, machetas, cords, plastics roofs, fishing gifts.)
02 boats (big for long trips - small for flodded lands.)

What to bring?

Mosquitos repelent.
Sun cream, and sun glasses.
Cameras and films enough
Long pants.
Long t-shirts.
Swimming swit.
Rain coat.
Extra money for the Bar Service ( beer or coke )
Good sence of humor and adventurer spirit.
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