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Here we are posting some plant where you can see in our jungle excursion.

Victoria Regia symbol of the amazonian beauty. Legend has that, this plant was an Indian named naiá, the cunha poranga or girl nicest of the tribe, everyone admired for its beauty, but also her most Indians admired, the beauty of the moon so it upon learning that existed something more beautiful, then she was very sad, but one day she decided to reach the moon to catch and make it go away, spent endless nights climbing trees highest in the jungle tempting to reach the moon, crying and sofering a lot by dormia was somewhere within the forest, a beautiful full moon night, she awoke to the edge of a lake where the reflection of the moon around the lake was dazzled then where for the first time she saw the moon so close, but so without thinking that nothing more, was launched within the deep the lake in search of the moon but it was in that search that the nicest Indian tribe died of drowning.
It was then that the god tupan (sun) and the Indians are all saddened with the irreparable loss, so the god tupan, took pity her and told you, you were the most beautiful of the Indian tribe, and they do not contentaste with that, wanted be beautiful like the moon, then I am going to turn you in the nicest facility of losm lakes in the shape of the moon and every time you start Amazonian rivers enhances your color purple flowers enhance your beauty where all human beings on the planet may apreciate.

Achiote name technologist.
Urucú name Amazon. A fruit is not edible Amazon where men used to extract their color to paint and decorate their work materials as well as their clothes, their houses, canoes and also used to paint his face as a sunscreen, when the seeds of achiote or urucú dries is used as sazonador a meal, to give color to pasta or spaghetti.

Paxiuba. Seven roots. The wood is used for the preparation of arcs to use the effective arrow.
From the root is used, to make a strong  afrodiciac drink for the sexual power.
The cortex of the root in contact with the human skin reactive the sense of sensitive sexual motivation. Statement of reasons. the indians use that plant for atracting the partner for making alot of children.

The palmera açaí. Palm tree. The fruit juice is extracted an appropriate for dark color, it works like a therapy for anemias acute in human, being the tree is extracted the famous palmito, vegetables a very rich on proteins to keep a food diet.
From his root we also are extracting an appropriate to prevent disease from the blood.

La palmera del açaí. Fruit of the draws delicioso juice very rich in vitamin iron appropriate for treatment of anemia, for anemia an acute can prepare you for the raiz as well as the heart of tree is extrae the very palmito vegetables used in food diet. Very light.

Ayahuasca. Drink alucinógenic plant-based resins and motivating a suggestion to separate the mental spirit of the body and make a kind of astral travel during the trance.
The beverage (ayahuasca) with the song delivered by the wizard allows some mysterious functions:
- As the power to predict the future or visualize something important.
- And the power of seeing the disease and the cure.
This is the most applied by doctors of the jungle (chaman, chaff, healer) can be used as well for the cure or the destruction of the body. Usually doctors in the jungle acquire these functions helped by the spirits to do good for others.
The beverage Ayahuasca to snuff so pure as the song of the physician are of extreme importance to the ritual function at 100% as well as the dark and quiet place where they can suffer interference from outside the meeting.

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